Definition of the ECNLP

About the ECNLP (European Community for Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

The ECNLP sees itself as a platform for all users of NLP in Europe, including:

  • NLP-practitioners
  • NLP-trainers
  • NLP-institutions

The ECNLP stands for lobbying for NLP and NLP-users across Europe, making possible meeting at eye level with bodies of the EU. NLP-methods and -techniques can thus be integrated into standard proceedings of the European economy, education and health system.

European Standards

The curriculum employed by all NLP-institutions and -users consists of three parts:

  • A standard curriculum guarantees compatibility of training levels across Europe.
  • An optional curriculum ensures flexibility regarding special demands on the regional NLP-curriculum (which may arise from regional laws or market requirements).
  • An experimental curriculum guarantees the further development of NLP within a controlled evaluation process (PEP, see below).

European NLP-PEP (Permanent Evolution-Process)

NLP is the central platform for the most efficient tools for intra- and interpersonal communication. The ECNLP makes an effort to ensure that NLP – corresponding to its initial spirit – remains open for the integration of excellent enhancements and new developments originating from within NLP as well as from other schools for communication and personality development. New content that receives enough support can take the following path: formalization as an NLP-process > presentation at an ECNLP-conference > adoption into the experimental curriculum > optional curriculum > standard curriculum.

Benefits for ECNLP-institutions and -participants ECNLP-Seal

  • ECNLP-Siegel: Participants of ECNLP-member-institutions receive NLP-certificates that are valid across Europe.
  • ECNLP Board of Director: All providers of NLP-trainings based on the standards of the ECNLP are members of the ECNLP Board of Directors.
  • European Marketing: All ECNLP-members profit from the public relations activities of the ECNLP (lobbying on a European level, presentation on our website and other information material, naming in case of inquiries about training, etc.)
  • European NLP: All members of the Board of Directors participate in the vivid further development of NLP, regardless of single persons or rigid structures.
  • ECNLP-member-catalogue: All ECNLP-participants can be found in the ECNLP-member-catalogue.
  • Open Architecture: All member-institutions of the ECNLP are free to also offer certifications of other associations or to certify only part of the NLP-training according to ECNLP-standards.
  • Free Membership: The ECNLP-membership is free of charge.