Alexandra Efthimiadou

Alexandra Efthimiadou
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Papastratou str, Kifissia
Athens, Greece

  • NLP Certification Studies
  • NLP Customized mastery programs
  • NLP Breakthrough Coaching Interventions
  • Ph. D. in Human Resource Development. Key researcher for the creation of the Synolic® model to Human Resource Development by Dr. Alan Barratt and Prof. D. Patrick Georges.
  • An active member of the European Board of NLP (EBNLP), the American Board for NLP, the Time Line Therapy® Association USA, and founding member of the HBNLP(Hellenic Board of NLP) Author of the book NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming Demythologised and “Think the way you think and think it over” published in the greek language. Lectures at the University of Athens on NLP applications.