Mag. Gerhard Amberger

Mag. Gerhard Amberger
Trainings AG HR Solutions
+ 43 (0)650 481 76 75

Erdbrustgasse 31 - 47 / 84
A-1160 Vienna

Special content: 

1BC® (1st Business Certificate® for certified European business education)
1SC® (1st Social Competence® for certified holistic scope of business acumen)
Master Franchisor International (A,BG,Al,BIH,HR,RO,SA,SK,SLO,SRB)

Additional qualifications: 

Business administration & Business education (University of Economics & Business, Vienna)
NLP- Master Trainer & Master Coach (Trinergy International/ICF)
Management- & Mental- Trainer ( Trinergy International)
Certificate for University didactics & methodology (University of Applied Sciences, St.Pölten)
Managing Innovation (Stanford University, USA)
Business Practice (EU-centre for industrial co-operation, Tokyo, Japan)
Global Advertising (Kevin Keller, Darthmouth College/ USA, Singapur)